“You are just a German Benteke” – Chelsea supporters ridicule their player after his recent statements

“You are just a German Benteke” – Chelsea supporters ridicule their player after his recent statements.

Kai Havertz, a Chelsea forward who scored the game-winning goal against Salzburg on Tuesday, has angered some Chelsea supporters online by asserting that everyone knows he poses a threat in the box. According to a netizen, the former Bayer Leverkusen player is “a jack of all trades and master of none.”

Havertz has scored three goals in 15 games this season, showing that he is not a particularly good goal scorer but rather an occasional goal scorer.

The reason Chelsea supporters adore Havertz is obvious—he rises to the occasion and scores a number of significant goals, such as the game-winning goal in the UEFA Champions League final.

The 23-year-old may have unintentionally enraged Chelsea supporters by saying something in a recent interview. These supporters have responded negatively online.

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“By now, everybody ought to be aware of my abilities. I can play several different places up front and I’m versatile, claimed the former Leverkusen forward.

“Of course, playing in multiple positions is both good and bad at times.

“But I play offensively in general. I don’t mind if I’m in the box as a no. 9 or a no. 10, as long as I can score goals there and get there frequently. If I’m in the box, my only goal is to score goals.”

As soon as they saw this, countless Chelsea internet users flocked to the comment section to lambaste the player.

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