Ronaldo’s influence on Chelsea’s newest goal scorer is explained as a realization of a childhood dream

Ronaldo’s influence on Chelsea’s newest goal scorer is explained as a realization of a childhood dream.

Armando Broja was raised on YouTube Ronaldo videos, and the legendary Brazilian would have been pleased with the finish the Chelsea academy graduate produced against Wolves to score his first goal for his old team.

Broja, who joined Chelsea at the age of eight, left Tottenham Hotspur after receiving an approach from the Blues. Although Broja’s ascent through the academy ranks wasn’t exactly smooth, he blossomed into a prolific goal scorer for Chelsea in the second year of his scholarship.

After a professional agreement was made, Vitesse received a loan. The objectives went on. The Albanian international and Chelsea reached a new five-year agreement in the summer of 2021.

The objectives went on. The Albanian international signed a new five-year contract with Chelsea in the summer of 2021 and played Southampton in the Premier League the following season. It was a significant teaching moment.

For the Saints, Broja scored nine goals across all competitions, the majority of which came during a strong winter run. The 20-year-old continued to play at Stamford Bridge, was incorporated into the first-team squad, and signed a new six-year contract after Chelsea turned down strong interest from West Ham United in the summer.

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Although the striker has yet to start a game, he has made a number of excellent cameos from the bench. And the most recent came in Chelsea’s 3-0 victory over Wolves yesterday.

And the most recent, Chelsea’s 3-0 victory over Wolves yesterday, was capped off by Broja’s first Chelsea goal.

After winning, Broja said with a smile, “Today is my dad’s birthday; it was a really good gift for him.” “In the locker room, the players were very kind to me and complimented me. For my family and I, it was a truly memorable occasion. I’m sure my parents are commotion somewhere in the stadium.

“The majority of the time, it was difficult for my parents because they constantly worked to make life easier and better for me, as well as for me and my two sisters. They were a huge help to me on my journey, and I appreciate them so much. They attend every game as frequently as

They attend every game as often as they can; I don’t believe they’ve ever missed one. I was glad I could make a point for them today.”

Broja’s father Xhevahir had a significant impact on Ronaldo, the astonishingly gifted Brazilian international who played for Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan during a glittering career. He was the one who played videos for his son of the forward overcoming obstacles and scoring breathtaking strikes.

He was and still is Broja’s father’s favorite player, the spokesman said. “He admired him, constantly watched him, and always wished I could play like R9. We would sit and watch his games while he would constantly show me YouTube clips. He was his love, and that’s where

He was loved by him, and that is how I came to love him. I frequently watch him play and try to pick up on the little gimmicks and things he did. My father was a major contributor to my arrival here.”

Against Wolves, Broja scored a goal that Ronaldo would have undoubtedly liked. The Chelsea star turned onto his right foot and cut inside before firing a 20-yard shot into the far corner.

Broja said, “I think it was [a Ronaldo-esque finish]. “Kova hit a fantastic ball that gave me room in front, allowing me to cut in on my right side and score in the bottom corner. With the other strikers, I’ve been working a lot on my finishing during training. I catch them practicing

Every day I see them in training, and I pick their brains a little.”

In the upcoming weeks, Broja will be hoping to secure that elusive first Chelsea start. That won’t be simple because he’ll be up against players like German international Kai Havertz, who also scored against Wolves, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has two goals in his last two games.

The homegrown forward, however, is unconcerned about playing time. When Graham Potter, the new head coach, needs him, he is ready to step up. He’s a really nice guy and a breeze to talk to. When you need anything, just come up to me and talk to me, he says as he approaches. The discussion was engaging.

“He said to me, ‘Just keep working hard, keep your head down, opportunities will come when you work hard. When you come on the pitch for little cameos, just give it your all. And more opportunities will come.’ He’s a great manager. It’s good to be working with him and the rest of the players.”

Broja continued:

As a young player, you know you thrive in situations like this. You want to be in a position like this at a massive club like Chelsea surrounded by amazing players, so you want to learn off them in such a good environment.

“For me, it’s more a learning experience to learn a thing or two from the other strikers. I think it was good they did come in and it give competition. At such an amazing club, and you need that. To be at a top level, you can’t have it easy all the time. Aubameyang coming in has been amazing. I learn a lot from him in training and in games. It is good competition.”

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