Prior to the Milan match, Kante’s choice was made as Potter inquired about Chelsea’s possible £52 million striker signing

Prior to the Milan match, Kante's choice was made as Potter inquired about Chelsea's possible £52 million striker signing

Prior to the Milan match, Kante’s choice was made as Potter inquired about Chelsea’s possible £52 million striker signing. 

Graham Potter stated at the press conference prior to the Champions League match that N’Golo Kante may not be ready to play against AC Milan but that he is getting closer to returning to the field.

NG is working on his preparation more and more—not totally, but getting there. According to The Athletic, Chelsea’s head coach commented, “That’s incredibly fantastic.

My main goal is to aid in his proper rehabilitation so that he can be there for us. He is a great asset when he is on the field.

Since August, Kante has been unable to perform due to a hamstring ailment. He only played twice for Chelsea this season before getting hurt.

Although the Frenchman has been seen working out with the Blues’ first squad, it is obvious that Chelsea will take its time with him considering his history of injuries.

Graham Potter, the manager of Chelsea, has declined to respond to rumors that RB Leipzig player Christopher Nkunku has signed a pre-contract agreement.

Owner Todd Boehly is said to have promised the former Brighton manager that he will have plenty of time to carry out his ambitions for the position.

And because Chelsea was unable to recruit the attacker during the summer transfer window despite receiving multiple offers, this has led to media speculation that Chelsea was eager to get the services of Nkunku.

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But after it was reported that he had signed a pre-contract agreement with the Blues, it appears that Chelsea has decided to allow the player to join them in the Premier League.

Recent media sources say that Nkunku has now decided to sign with Chelsea at the end of the current campaign, and the Blues have agreed to give RB Leipzig the desired £52 million transfer fee.

Manager of Leipzig Marco Rose denied the rumors, and now Potter has done the same at a press conference before playing in the Champions League match against AC Milan.

When asked if there was anything he could say regarding the Nkunku deal, Potter responded, “No, as I stated before, my answer is that I don’t speak about players who aren’t Chelsea players.”

“If you have any questions on any Chelsea players, I’m happy to answer them.

“But Brighton experienced the same thing. You are connected to numerous players, and there are numerous names to be found. And as you might expect when you’re in a club like Chelsea, things become heated.

“But I won’t mention anyone else and will just talk about Chelsea players.”

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