In response to Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal before the World Cup, Antonio Rudiger gives Chelsea his honest opinion

In response to Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal before the World Cup, Antonio Rudiger gives Chelsea his honest opinion.

The defender’s most recent admission that he wasn’t stunned when Chelsea permanently fired Thomas Tuchel should serve as a sobering reminder of the Stamford Extension order because Antonio Rudiger was a tremendous legend during his time there.

During their time together at Stamford Bridge Scaffold, when they won the Bosses Association, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup, the 29-year-old liked working under the former Blues manager.

Before leaving Chelsea near the end of his contract and joining Real Madrid on a free transfer, the German international played a vital role in all the successes that Tuchel brought to West London.

Football. London is aware that Rudiger failed to enter into a different agreement, which would have made him the most handsomely compensated defender in the history of the team.

Despite Tuchel’s efforts to grab the German, the defender left but the duo continued to be in contact.

Speaking to the Gatekeeper, Rudiger expressed his doubts about Todd Boehly’s decision to fire his previous chief and the letter he sent Tuchel after learning the news.

“I have wonderful memories and friends from then, but life goes on, “Before praising Tuchel’s handling of the media following Roman Abramovich’s departure from the club, he remarked.

“I believe you could never have improved on how he handled himself with regard to each and every one of the questions that came up.

“He relieved a lot of pressure off a lot of people. not only us athletes. You learned a lot from him. I believe it was what he was experiencing.

“You have to focus on your role as a manager, and then there are so many political questions that you have to answer. He was incomprehensible.”

Rudiger continued, “It struck me. Regardless of whether it was done under the previous system, what he accomplished in the club was shocking.

He acquires the players he requires, then suddenly vanishes.

In any way, Chelsea is here. In other ways, it’s also not a surprise. I told him and stated:

For me as well as for all of us, “Many thanks for all that you done.” The Bosses Association was far away without him succeeding.

He said, “Chelsea was a section all by itself.” “It was great, incredible, and perfect. Genuine Madrid, on the other hand, is a football team of the highest caliber.

Five Bosses Association awards were earned in the last nine years, which says it all.”

Despite a shaky start, Rudiger quickly turned into a cornerstone of Chelsea’s success during his five years there and was frequently included for the Blues.

As a previous employee of the team, Boehly should find the defender’s lack of surprise at the club merely days after the summer transfer window to be a sobering lesson.

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