Ian Wright explains what Graham Potter did against Brighton that was strange

Ian Wright recounts what Graham Potter did against Brighton that was perplexing.

Graham Potter used a tactical in Brighton’s 4-1 loss.

Chelsea was completely destroyed by the Seagulls in the opening period, which ended 3-0.

The use of Christian Pulisic and Raheem Sterling as wingbacks by Potter completely backfired as Chelsea were constantly exposed down both flanks in the opening half, leading to numerous defensive blunders.

Graham Potter’s tactical ignorance in this game completely astounded Ian Write.

On Mach of the Day, when asked what went wrong for Chelsea, Wright responded, “Well the wing-bacs. They have used a variety of wing-backs, as we have seen. this year, and Ben Chilwell and “Cesar” Azpilicueta can be found on their bench.

“But they began with Sterling and Pulisic, which I found to be quite perplexing.

“And when you observe what they do and the places they occupied, it becomes clear that they weren’t really rooting for Chalobah, Cucurella, or Thiago Silva.

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And the three center-bacs were being tugged all over the place, as was the case.

“Chalobah is way too far up, there’s no real cover because Sterling isn’t coming back to help, or Pulisic wasn’t coming back to help, and Brighton were constantly “getting in behind.”

“Everything Brighton did, look how far Silva had to come in, all the way in with Trossard, Cucurella the left-sided center-half comes across [to the byline], and then you know there’s a lot of space behind,” said the Brighton player.

“On a few occasions, (Ruben) Loftus-Cheek has had to attempt to step in there (to cover at Center-back) in order to avert the crisis.

“Brighton would go down the middle, work it out wide, Chalobah comes in and is easily beaten, and the bam (ball in behind) every single time,” said the commenter. And they have a problem with this.

Additionally, as I mentioned, they have ful-backs on the bench who can play that position and provide additional cover.

“You see Pulisic here, there, he’s with his man, his man is now moving outside of him, but Pulisic switches off and they appropriately receive punishment for it.

“The center halves had a dreadful day today because they were dragged all over the place and they played poorly,” said the referee.

“The center-backs had a bad day today because they were dragged all over the place and they played poorly,” said one of them.

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