I can’t work with 11 players: Graham Potter Said

I can't work with 11 players: Graham Potter Said

Graham Potter: I can’t work with 11 players.

Many people had negative reactions when Chelsea’s starting lineup for the match against Wolves was revealed because the Blues manager made too many changes.

Potter made the decision to switch up his team for the contest, and it ultimately paid off.

Speaking after the game, Potter accepted he’d have to deal with criticism if the outcome wasn’t what he wanted, but he insisted that working with only 11 players when he has a strong team to play so many games won’t be appropriate.

In his post-game press conference, the 47-year-old added, “It’s credit to the guys because there’s a terrific group here. We won’t be successful with just 11 players, in my opinion.

“I don’t think it’s proper to just keep playing 22 till they drop down, get hurt, or whatever, and then we play the next ones, as I don’t think that’s good for the group dynamic,” the player said.

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“At the same time, I’m aware that if we lose today’s game, people will question why I didn’t start Aubameyang. That is the way things are.

But someone has to make the decision as long as the justifications are present and I can mentally justify our choice.

“Today it went well, which is due to the players because the team is extremely together and supporting one another, and it’s crucial that everyone understands we can’t do it with just 11.

“You must approach each circumstance on its own. If you have three games in a row—in the Premier League, the Champions League, and then the Premier League again—you must choose new players who are eager and ready to play. There is that component, and this group is strong.

“We have a large squad with lots of competition, and I think you saw that today. You need the competition, players battling for one other, supporting each other wanting to play but willing to help. That’s encouraging that Kai, Christian, and Armando Broja all scored.

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