How to write a Job application Cover Letter

How to write a Job application Cover Letter

How to write a covering letter for job application

Do you need a great cover letter to back up your resume? Are you wondering what you are even supposed to say in your cover letter to effectively communicate to what you have to offer? If so tune in because in this article you will learn five (5 ) cover letter hacks, that will help you set yourself apart and sell your best self. And hey, if you are looking to learn that ultimate role read til the end to learn how you and I can work together to help you learn that position you’ve always wanted.

The dreaded topic of cover letters. I get questions all the time about cover letters. Do I need a cover letter? What am I supposed to say? How do I write one? That helps me stand out? The thing is cover letters are still used by hiring officials to make decisions like, who they should bring in for an interview or what type of compensation package should they offer the potential employee.

Now, you won’t need a cover letter in every situation. However, having one ready to go will eliminate some of the stress involved and will help you properly sell yourself. So, let’s jump into it.

How to write a Job application Cover Letter

1 to 5 Tips on how to write a job application cover letter

1. Is to format your cover letter, strategically the look and feel of your letter should match the look and feel of your resume. So if you have your name in big bold font with your contact information, right below that on your resume place that same information on your cover letter.

This will let the hiring official know that these two documents go together after your name and contact information. Included the date and then the contact information for the hiring official, then add a customized greeting like Dear Mr. Ya’qub Muhasson. And if you’re unable to find the name of the Hiring official. You can put something like, Dear hiring manager.

2. Include a strong introductory paragraph. You have to start with a strong introductory sentence that explains what position you are applying for and Exhibits the passion you have for the company and the position. Now you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the hiring official, so you don’t have to start with a generic statement.

Like please accept this letter as an application for the position of, rather mention why you want to work for the company and what makes the company unique to you.

3. Show them that you are the solution, in the second paragraph, explain how your skills and expertise are the perfect matches for the position. Pinpoint your most relevant qualifications and your most important career accomplishments and discuss them in detail.

This will Clearly demonstrate what you can bring to the position and how you are the solution. The company is looking for and to gain greater insight into what the company’s pain points are. Make sure you review the job, post carefully and review the company’s website and their activity on social media. This will also help you place important keywords and phrases throughout your cover letter.

4. Share your story. Now is the time to explain your skills and talents in action to really stand out from all the other candidates in.

The story about you that relates to the position you are applying for, give clear and direct examples of your greatest accomplishment today more than ever. You need to show your reader who you really are.

You could even include a funny story. Humor is a great way to captivate your audience. Just make sure that you include your skills, your expertise and your talents in the story tip.

5. Give a call to action in the final paragraph of your cover. Letter should include a clear and concise conclusion. So that, give some type of call to action such as a reference to your resume, or an invitation for an interview or a time that works best for you to talk.

The purpose of the call to action is to get the hiring official to take some type of action and to let them know that you are excited and eager about the opportunity you wanted, then add your letter with a nice friendly close, such as warm regards and then sign your name.

Here is an example of how to write a cover letter.

How to write a cover letter with examples


The Manager

Company or Department Name,


Subject: Cover Letter for the Job of Electrician.

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I saw your advertisement in a newspaper on 18th February 2022. I come to know that you are in a need of an electrician for your Company or Department. It is according to my interest and looking for a suitable job.

I have 5years’ experience working with many associations as contract basis. Currently, I am working in a cloth factory as an electrician on a part-time basis job and further looking for a platform to use my skills.

I have done Bcs in engineering from “Input your school name here”. I can handle all the issues related to my work. If I get a chance, it would be a favor for me and I will prove myself o be sincere and loyal. My CV and educational certificates are attached. I shall be thankful to you for a positive response.


Yours Sincerely,

Ya’qub Muhsson.


Signature. _____________

           Contact No. 234-1234567


Postal Address._______________________

Make sure greetings, your name and contact info. will be at the right hand side.

Hope this article was helpful?

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