How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

I have come across many of you guys asking How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding. So today, I’m going to share with you about how many people you or your parents should be allowed to invite to your wedding.

Now, I don’t want this article to be controversial because ultimately you should do what you feel is right for you. Talk with your parents, discuss what you think is okay for your unique situation, but know that I on my Blog always advocate for the couple.

Is the couple’s wedding day after all your parents have hopefully, probably maybe have already had a wedding on their own, whether they are divorced your soul together, but they have had their day most likely and today or whenever your wedding is going to be as your day and it is your time to shine and this is your wedding.

So hopefully you are going to be able to do what feels best for you. But in this article, I’m going to be navigating to what my advice for is: How To Decide How Many People Your Parents Or You Get To Invite To The Wedding. So hopefully you guys are enjoying this article and let’s Jump Right In.

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Now a couple of steps need to be taken in order to decide how many people you are going to invite to your wedding because I didn’t want to jump straight into how many people you or your parents should invite before discussing how many people you can even invite on your own wedding.

Now when it comes to the guest list, the guests list has one of the biggest impacts on your budget because each like 8 to 10 people that fits at a table has to do with how many like tables you need, which is going to be rented or maybe how many like plates of food.

And for how many like centerpieces you’re paying for. It has a lot to do with your budget. So, when you’re determining how much you’re going to spend over all for your wedding, your guest count factors into that heavily. Obviously, there’s also the matter of the capacity at your Venue, how many people you can fit, so maybe you can pay for 500 people at your wedding, but your Venue can only fit 150.

So, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to how many people you can actually have at your wedding. So again every 8 to 10 people is another table which means another set of rented items, another centrepiece and another set of food.

Now when you’re setting your overall wedding budget, like the guest count should be one of the biggest factors now, don’t just make up a random number of guests. You have to also maybe think about how many people you’re going to adjust later based on how much food costs from the venue. You choose.

So, maybe you thought initially that you might have like, 120 guests, but you end up picking a venue that cost $200 per plate. So now you have to scale it back. The 75 People, based on your overall budget, or maybe you pick a venue that was really affordable.

So now you can actually invite more people, which is great for you. Well, maybe you actually decide, no, I’m good. And I want to keep it the same amount of people, even though my venue cost have been cheaper or more expensive than what I thought they were, and I’ll just adjust elsewhere.

Another thing that I wanted to discuss before we jump deeper into this article, is that you can always have a B-list. B-list doesn’t mean you’re reject. People being in B-list is simply people that you want to invite but they don’t make your first cut of people. The B-list is for once, your first cut of people, start sending in enough no RSVPs that now you’re like, oh I’m probably not going to get that 75 amount of people that I thought I was going to get.

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So now I can actually start sending out invites to my B-list because I won’t hit the number of people that like was my cap. So, now, my B-list can get invited. So you can always have a B-list, backup list of people that you can invite to your wedding just In case the list of amount of people aren’t going to hit that cap that you want to have at your wedding.

You can have a backup list to fill in those amount of people that weren’t going to hit your cap thinking. I don’t even know, like how many people I should invite because how many people are going to say no. Well in general, from my research, what I found was if you are having a local wedding, meaning that almost everybody you’re inviting lives in the same city as your wedding about 15% of people will say no.

Now if you know that, Less people are going to say no than this, then that’s going to be personalized to you. But about generally 15% of people will say no and if it’s a destination wedding it doesn’t mean that you’re getting married in Jamaica. It just means that amount of majority amount of people are flying to the destination city.

So it can be in the middle of Kansas doesn’t have to be tropical about 20% to 30% of people are going to say no. So use that to determine how many people you should invite based on how many people you want them to show up. So that’s about the math that you should be using to determine the number of people you should invite based on people you want to show up.

How Many People Should My Parents Invite To My Wedding

While jumping into the parents situation: So my method for allowing, how many people your parents should invite is really, really simple.

What you should do is you should sit down and figure out with your partner. How many people you want to invite first? Think of everybody, you want to invite and go ahead and fill up your list. And so if you are trying to invite 125 people, that’s the list that you want to invite based on how many people you actually want them to show up then if you have 100 people that you guys have filled up and you’ve got 25 people left over.

Now you’re going to divide 25 people between both sets of parents and that’s how many each sets of parents will be allowed to invite. That’s My Method. It’s really simple. Make sure that you and your partner get everybody that you want invited on your list first and then your parents, get the leftover spots, that is how I would do it. That is very simple. It’s really a simple method. If you have another method that works then you can still apply it.

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You’ve been great but you don’t want to have your parents taking up 80 spots, then you only get like 20. That’s not how that works. If you want to invite 50 but you only get 20, no, no, it’s your wedding. You get all the spots that you need and they get the leftovers. That is how I think it should work because it’s your wedding. If you don’t get to invite some of your friends because your parents took a ball to spot, that’s not okay.

So give your parents, the leftover spots and divide them equally or perhaps if one set of parents is paying for the wedding, maybe you can give them a couple extra spots. Instead of dividing 50 as a thank you. You can do that or you can divide it equally whatever feels right to you. Now, here’s where things can get tricky.

If you have a set of parents, that insist on going over there are allotted amount of spots and they are not paying for the wedding. You can be very firm and clear that you cannot go over budget or you cannot go over your venue’s capacity, so they cannot end over.

From their list of allotted spots. Now, maybe it’s really simple because the other set of parents didn’t take up all their slots. So you can give some extra to the other set of parents that’s trying to go over and maybe it works out or you can tell that set of parents, hey, I’m sorry, you can’t go over but maybe if we don’t get as many RSVP. Yes, as we thought then you can have a big list and you can invite from that.

Now if that set of parents is paying, then you have two cases. You can either say, Hey, I’m I’m sorry, we don’t feel comfortable going over budget, but if that, set of parents, since they’re paying for it, if they are willing to spend more because they’re paying for the wedding of their willing out of their own pocket, to go over budget for it, and you’re okay with that and they’re okay with that.

Then maybe it’s totally fine, whatever, they’re okay with spending more money to invite people that they wanted to go over your allotted list of guests, then that can be totally fine with all of you guys. Everybody just has to be on board with that plan and as to be okay with adding on like an extra table if needed the next facet of this that really matters is who they’re inviting.

Because you can also have boundaries around this as well. You need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the people that your parents are inviting, maybe you don’t care at all, and it doesn’t matter to you. But there are a lot of couples who care about who is actually attending their wedding because you will be making rounds to these people, you will be talking to them.

If you’ve got like 500 people at your wedding odds you’re not going to be able to talk to everybody. But if you’ve got like 50, 75 to 150, most likely you’re going to get to chat with everybody. At least for a little bit of time. Maybe a minute, maybe two minutes, it matter to people who they’re inviting. So you can definitely set up, clear boundaries. Maybe you haven’t met this person before.

Maybe your boundary is stricter. I do have to talked to them in the last two years. So whatever it is. Make sure that you set up a boundary that you’re comfortable with, with your parents. Maybe again, you don’t care at all. Maybe you never had to have met or heard of this person in your life and you tell your parents, you can invite whoever you want.

I do not care, but maybe you have to have met this person and shaking their hand or have talked to them in the last two years seen her face been in the same room with them for at least an hour and your entire life, you can set these boundaries for your parents of who they can invite based on your comfort level. So it doesn’t have to mean just because parents are parents that they get to invite whoever they want to at your day.

It is your wedding and maybe you want to feel comfortable with every single person in attendance because it is your day and you want to be surrounded by that you’re comfortable with. Remember like I mentioned earlier, your parents have Navy already had a wedding before that they got to enjoy. I hope they enjoyed it and now is your wedding.

It is your time to enjoy your wedding, under a situation that you are conjure with advocate for yourself and understand that when there are parents paying for the wedding, that’s usually considered a gift and gifts is not usually come with strings attached. Of course, as the person who’s receiving such a nice gift.

It is really considerate of you to allow them to invite people to the wedding, but at the end of the day, it is your wedding. So if there are people or an amount of people that you do not feel comfortable with them to be invited to the wedding, please speak up and talk to them about that because I know that there is a lot of drama.

I see it on the internet, people discussing it around parents inviting people to the wedding. So if you find yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable, please speak up and say something because it is your wedding. I want you to feel comfortable with the amount of people and whoever at your wedding because it is your day and you should be really happy about your wedding day and it should be a comfortable situation for you.

So, anyways, I hope that this article was helpful to you guys. This helps you to navigate the situation on how many people should I invite to my wedding.

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