Graham Potter won’t be Chelsea’s manager to begin the upcoming season, claims analyst lomie Stanley

Chelsea was acquired by American owner Ted Boehly last summer, and the new manager made the crucial choice early in the year to fire champions league-winning coach Thomas Tuchel.

Boehly fired Tuchel because of the negative attention he had received for the team’s poor early-season results and his antics in the stands.

And the American made the crucial choice to give Potter the opportunity to advance and take charge of one of the biggest clubs in football, as well as some of the top players in the Premier League.

He has received accolades this season for the work he did with Brighton, the way he played, and his desire to get the most out of the team. Chelsea paid him £16 million to capture his services because of these qualities.

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However, if you believe lomie Stanley, he won’t be leading Chelsea at the start of the upcoming campaign.

Potter is a very good young manager who was doing wonders at Brighton, and we can see why he was brought to Chelsea, he told icfootballnews.

Boehly, a man with enormous ambitions, is aware that no manager could have taken over the club at the start of the season because they were either taken or on sabbatical.

Potter was an easy choice since he was prepared to leave Brighton for a significant move and the Premier League club was willing to pay a significant sum of money for their brilliant manager.

“But Potter is not the man to lead Chelsea to that next level — to bring the team into the Champions League consistently — to win trophies and fight for the Premier League crown.”

We have already seen that he is having trouble getting the greatest performance out of his stars because they are not driven enough. He hasn’t done it in the past and lacks the management skills to handle certain top-level players who have only played for the best.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the man, and he must be relishing it, but Chelsea’s current style of play will make it difficult for them to add another trophy to their collection, which is why Potter will be fired in the summer.

Boehly most likely already has a manager in mind who he would adore, but a deal can’t be finalized until the end of the season.

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