Former Chelsea forward blasts Tottenham manager Antonio Conte for lying about Diego Costa

Former Chelsea forward blasts Tottenham manager Antonio Conte for lying about Diego Costa

According to reports, Michy Batshuayi joined Chelsea with the idea that he would partner with Diego Costa to lead a two-man attack.

In response to the abuse he received at Chelsea under Antonio Conte’s leadership, Michy Batshuayi has launched an attack against the Italian. The 29-year-old striker joined the west Londoners only a few days after the former Blues manager moved in, and Diego Costa promised him a starting position nearby.

However, despite the Tottenham manager’s assurance that a two-man strike force would be used, Batshuayi adopted a supporting position to the Spaniard and was frequently relegated to the bench.

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Batshuayi struggled to find any energy, and only occasionally for Chelsea under Conte did he find the middle value of just 33.4 minutes per game. Additionally, after barely leaving the Blues on a permanent move this summer after a few loans, Batshuayi has accused Conte of duping him into signing with the west Londoners in 2016.

One of the Italian’s most enduring acquisitions at Chelsea was the Belgian, who went over and beyond to recruit the striker he would later criticize.

Game great, according to Batshuayi, was constantly working against himself. He called me and explained his plan, starting with my appearances.

He thought I should join Diego Costa in a two-man bleeding edge near to the goal. Did I believe that? Due to the fact that Conte usually plays with two attackers. Besides being with me at Chelsea. I don’t know anything. In the actuality, I have been duped excessively often.

Batshuayi was not involved while playing for Chelsea, thus Stamford Extension put together arguably the greatest striker in Premier League history. Costa led the Blues to two Premier League championships and an Association Cup while the Belgian was in the driver’s seat.

In 120 games with the West Londoners, he scored 59 goals and assisted 23 others. The Premier Association title-winning goal against West Bromwich Albion was scored by Batshuayi, regardless of Costa’s standing as a faction legend.

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