FIVE REASONS why Todd Boehly should sign Simon for Chelsea this coming transfer window

FIVE REASONS why Todd Boehly should sign Simon for Chelsea this coming transfer window. 

The winter transfer window will reopen in January, which implies that Todd Boehly, the club’s new owner, may be active in the market once more given Chelsea’s dismal performances of its players.

Simon might be an option for Todd Boehly, the next owner of the Chelsea football team.


Given that Todd Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea football club, introduces Simon Moses to Stamford Bridge, he will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Chelsea team.

Chelsea rarely uses its breaks because, with the exception of Sterling, its attackers lack speed. However, Chelsea will have a significant advantage during breaks if Moses, a speedster, is added.

Simon is more confident and skilled at dribbling than the majority of Chelsea’s attackers: This is the true cause of Chelsea’s strikers’ terrible performances (lack of confidence), which causes them to continually throw the ball about even when they ought to have dribbled defenders and created opportunities for goal scoring.

The Chelsea football team is without a playmaker, so Simon might imitate Victor Moses’ incredible displays of dribbling defenders, generating opportunities for goals, and even scoring goals.

He possesses the strength required for Chelsea’s strategy: The current strategy used by Chelsea football club calls for wingers to be strong enough to cover the wing-forwards and wing-backs of both flank sides.

N’golo Kante and Reece James’ injuries have made it difficult for the Chelsea football team’s team to get very far. Moses Simon has the necessary strength for such an approach, thus there is every chance that he will be able to cover the right-wing positions.

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