Cristiano Ronaldo sends clear message to Todd Boehly amid January transfer speculations

Cristiano Ronaldo sends clear message to Todd Boehly amid January transfer speculations. 

Wednesday certainly provided the clearest indication for Todd Boehly of why avoiding Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer was the right choice.

Walking down the tunnel in a purported hump after being omitted from Manchester United’s excellent 2-0 victory against Tottenham at Old Trafford indicated a player once more putting his ego above the collective team spirit.

Ronaldo’s absence and the tactical advancement brought about by having more mobility attackers to adopt a cohesive pressing structure and quickness in transition have been the key reasons why United have progressed under Erik ten Hag.

All three of the opponents for which United will be vying for a Champions League qualification spot—Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs—have now been defeated by United at home. Ronaldo’s presence on the sidelines for each of those triumphs was a common theme.

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The victory on Wednesday would have been another step in the right direction for Ten Hag before the match against Chelsea on Saturday night at Stamford Bridge for a club that hasn’t experienced many highs at home recently. However, Ronaldo’s antics slightly derailed it. He reportedly fled the stadium in addition to storming down the tunnel by himself while cameras recorded the incident.

Because of his match-winning performances on the greatest stages throughout an incredible career, Ronaldo’s selfish inclinations have been mainly excused. His entry into the discussion of the best of all time has been fueled by the dogged chase of personal honors. But now that trait of character is detracting from his teammates’ efforts to succeed rather than helping them. In his press conference following the game, Ten Hag was compelled to address the problem.

“I’ll take care of that tomorrow, not now. This win is being celebrated right now,” he remarked.

The 37-year-old has had disciplinary problems before this season, and considering his new role as a replacement, it is unlikely that this will be his last. What Chelsea is aiming to build with Graham Potter would be the exact opposite of this. Potter emphasized the value of “human values,” respect, and effective communication within his team in his first interview last month.

“Our job is to build a squad that will compete for the top; we’ll build a crew that values one another and enjoys working together,” Potter stated. “I may claim that it combines football with moral principles.”

The circus that follows the superstar around is demonstrated by Ronaldo’s actions. Despite how much Boehly may be drawn to the glamour of his past, there is overwhelming evidence that Chelsea can invest in its future stars in more effective ways from a tactical and psychological standpoint.

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