Chelsea receives strong warning as a change is made in Premier League rules

As the Premier League changes the rules, Chelsea is given a severe warning.

The Premier League has announced a change to the policy addressing aggressive or disruptive fan behavior at football venues.

The 20 clubs in the league met on Wednesday to talk about a variety of topics, including fan disturbance.

But many Premier League supporters, especially Chelsea supporters, have fallen short in this regard.

According to a statement from the Premier League, “Clubs unanimously decided to implement minimum-length sanctions for spectators who engage in anti-social and criminal behavior at League venues.

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“Fans who are detected with fireworks, smoke bombs, or accessing the field without authorization will automatically incur a club ban with a minimum duration of one year.

“These prohibitions could be extended to include accompanying parents or legal guardians of children engaged in such activities.

“The prohibition is in force right away and it covers both home and away games.”

The EPL’s choice was influenced by the several incidents of fan violence that have occurred at football stadiums in recent years.

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