Chelsea manager Graham Potter send a powerful message to Chelsea players after WWII defeat

“Better drown with Tuchel than with this Goat” — Some Chelsea fans wants Graham Potter sacked ASAP after losing to Arsenal on Sunday.

Graham Potter has led Chelsea to two straight league defeats. Since the Blues have failed to win any of their most recent four league contests, some supporters are done with the Englishman.

The head coach admitted that in his first two months with the Blues, he “had a lot to cope with,” and some fans feel that Potter ought to be fired because he is unfit for the position.

The public wants Thomas Tuchel to return.

Franxis: “Please can we get rid of him quickly; he has nothing to give us. It’s still possible to get TT’s opinion. For goodness’ sake, GP is a mediocre team coach.”

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Razak Ma Donzy: “The last four league games have produced just two points. 13 fewer points than Arsenal. in the league, seventh. Under Tuchel, we had never been this terrible.

Eljayzikel Itszikel Zicozikky: “Initially, I was astonished to find that he would be replacing Tuchel out of every coach, but as a supporter, I was just trying to be optimistic.

“But you don’t deserve to coach Chelsea after the remarks you just made. Please bring Tuchel back, Boehly. It is preferable to drown with Tuchel than with this goat.

Tyler Caine: “Do you have a lot on your plate? While managing an EPL top 4 club that won the Champions League, TT was a manager and a club ambassador who helped us navigate through fines, the loss of important players, and a change in ownership.

“Not even the manager, you are just an emotionless coach. If you find it to be too much, you are TOO SMALL for this group. Boehly! Reintroduce TT.

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