Chelsea fans reacts to the exit rumours surrounding Mateo Kovacic

“Rebuilding by selling our best players since Hazard?” “We’ll never forgive you if you get rid of Kovacic”: Chelsea fans reacts to the exit rumours surrounding Mateo Kovacic

According to reports, Mateo Kovacic is willing to leave Chelsea next summer. Many Blues fans are upset since the midfielder has been among the team’s top performers this year.

Although the Croatian’s intentions to leave the club are unknown, several supporters have suggested that Graham Potter’s bad management may be to blame.

Here are a few Twitter takes.

Sam: “I’m not kidding; I won’t ever forgive them if they get rid of Kovai.”

Mido: “I’m severing my links with this club on God if we lose Jorginho, Kovacic, and Kante. In the event that we lose all 3, we will require 4 midfielders. Do you have an estimate of the price? Easily over £200 million.

In addition, “we don’t know if they are ready to play in CL games, J5, Kova and Kante are ready to play,” they will need some time to adjust.

“If Kova leaves, UCL football won’t be available for at least ten years.”

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JB: “If Kovai leaves, we’re done. He’s one of the best players at our club and one of the best in the league. We have to keep him at all costs.”

Vishnu: “Mendy is free to travel anywhere. No Kova, though. The only person continually giving his all with years ahead of him.”

Deif: “Yes. The ONLY midfielder who ought to stay should be sold. That is how a squad is created.”

Catenaccio Era: “I hope Kovacic does depart. Top 5 player in the league, yet our supporters don’t even respect him. Additionally, it will eliminate the final justification for my continued support of this defunct club.”

CFC Yan: “Why would Kova leave man? Now we’re even claiming only few decent players go, this club is going to suffer for a very long time. It might take years to properly rebuild with the amount of terrible signings we make, and it may possibly never happen if we keep going like this summer.”

Conn: “It would be devastating to lose Kovacic. Hope the rumors about his wanting to leave are just that—rumors.”

Time to start over by offloading our greatest player since Hazard, says AJ

“Look at this Potter, if we lose Kova because of RLC, I’ll be furious,” said Audbrey 2.

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