Chicken Republic Recruitment 2024: Apply Now for 5 Positions

Chicken Republic is now accepting applications for 5 positions in its 2024 recruitment drive. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply now.

Are you seeking employment in the fast-food sector? Are you interested in joining a team that is characterised by innovation, friendliness, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction? If you responded affirmatively to any of these inquiries, it is advisable for you to submit an application for employment at Chicken Republic, the leading quick-service restaurant specialising in chicken dishes in Nigeria and Ghana.

What are the key facts about Chicken Republic that you should be aware of?
Chicken Republic is a Nigerian fast-food restaurant and franchise that operates as a subsidiary of Food Concepts Plc, established by Deji Akinyanju in 2004. The initial restaurant was founded in Apapa, Lagos. Subsequently, the firm has expanded its presence to encompass more than 190 establishments throughout Nigeria and Ghana. The firm is a subordinate of Food Concepts Plc, a Nigerian food-oriented corporation that also manages other brands, including PieXpress, Butterfield Bakery, and Free Range Farms. The firm aspires to become the most adored quick-service restaurant (QSR) and baked goods brand throughout West Africa. Its objective is to offer delectable and reasonably priced cuisine to its clientele.

Advantages of Collaborating with Chicken Republic
Chicken Republic is a corporation that places a high value on the welfare, advancement, and progress of its employees. Their vision statement, symbolised by the acronym ‘LOVED’, embodies this sentiment. These principles provide the basis for their behaviours, which they want to cultivate in all of their workers, and are the central theme that permeates everything Chicken Republic does.

We possess a passionate, pertinent, empathetic, considerate, and dedicated disposition.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and adhere to strong moral principles, while also valuing our personal and collective sense of accomplishment, our organisation, and our nation.


We enhance the worth of all individuals and all our actions.


Our expertise is in execution.

Operate a motor vehicle.

We demonstrate proactive behaviour and strive to surpass expectations in order to accomplish our objectives.

Advantages of Employment at Chicken Republic
Employment at Chicken Republic offers several benefits and advantages, including:

Highly competitive remuneration package and performance-based bonuses
Medical insurance and retirement plan
Professional growth and educational prospects
Professional advancement and development
Adaptable work hours and setting Employee acknowledgment and incentive initiatives
Initiatives aimed at promoting the well-being and welfare of employees
Corporate social responsibility and community participation
A friendly and encouraging work environment
Unrestricted entry to the highest quality products and services available in the fast-food sector
Chicken Republic is a renowned firm that has garnered several accolades and acknowledgments for its exceptional performance and groundbreaking advancements in the fast-food sector.
Here are some compelling reasons to contemplate employment at Chicken Republic, the leading quick-service restaurant specialising in chicken in Nigeria and Ghana. Seize this opportunity and submit your application immediately if you are seeking employment in the fast-food sector.

Chicken Republic actively seeks skilled and enthusiastic individuals to join our workforce, providing diverse employment prospects across many sectors and locations. The career page of Chicken Republic’s official website provides information about some of the current employment vacancies available. To express your interest in any of these jobs, you may submit an online application using the company’s recruiting portal or visit their website for further details.

I wish you success! Additionally, please remember to provide your comments and share your experience with us.

Ensure your safety, and may you be blessed!

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