Available positions at ACE Supermarket.

Are you striving for perfection in your career? If you are interested, you can immediately apply for ACE Supermarket Job Recruitment 2024 at the location of your choice.

ACE Supermarket strives to offer a wide range of services to support the Nigerian economy. The inclusion of our businesses that are under the ACE Supermarket’s control demonstrates our diversification. The subsidiaries comprise.

Operating in many places around the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we have successfully served a large number of clients.

ACE Supermarket is currently accepting applications from those who possess the necessary qualifications to fill the following positions:

Supermarket Store Manager, Warehouse Assistant, and Chief Cashier
Loyalty Desk Store Account Officer Prepared Food Supervisor
Stockroom Attendant
CCTV Operator Bagging Portal Electronics Portal Driver Quality Control Security Cleaners
Prior to commencing your application for ACE Supermarket, it is important to ensure that you satisfy the job prerequisites for any roles you want to apply for.


The following are the fundamental prerequisites and credentials for the ACE Supermarket job recruiting process:.

Demonstrate proficient communication, organisational abilities, and proactive behaviour.
Display the readiness and capability to relocate inside Nigeria.
Demonstrate a focus on achieving desired outcomes and exhibit strong collaboration skills, along with a strong desire to engage in demanding tasks that require quick thinking.
Application Procedure
Prospective and eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their curriculum vitae to HR@acegroup.com. Alternately, please click on the provided link to get further information.

If you want further information, please feel free to ask any questions in the comment area provided below.

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