Career Opportunity in New Zealand

New Zealand offers an enviable work-life balance. This is largely due to the smaller size of businesses and organizations here.

If you have a can-do attitude and let go of rigid ideas of hierarchy and bureaucracies, you’ll do well in New Zealand’s workplace. Here are a few job opportunities that are in high demand in the country.


Agriculture is a key sector of the economy that provides the world with food and raw materials. It also creates jobs and increases economic development in countries.

The industry has been around for thousands of years, and it continues to grow today. It combines the imagination and skill of farming with modern production methods and new technologies.

Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity and feed the 9.7 billion people expected by 2050. Growth in the sector raises incomes among the poorest up to four times more effectively than other sectors, according to the World Bank.


Engineers use science, maths and problem solving skills to design new technologies that help change the way people live and work. This could be through finding new ways to prevent disease, ensuring the environment is healthy or developing clean energy sources.

There are many different disciplines in engineering, and each one can have a unique focus. Some examples include civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Engineers often come from a background in science and maths but have a creative mind that can help them develop original ideas. They also have a keen attention to detail and an ability to organize and communicate their ideas clearly.


New Zealand has a mixed public and private healthcare system. In the public sector, New Zealanders can access free or low cost essential services including emergency care and hospital care.

A career in healthcare is an opportunity to make a real difference to New Zealanders, in both the short and long term. It offers meaning and purpose in a way few industries can.

The health sector is growing at a rapid pace with a combination of ageing and increasing health needs creating skills shortages in many areas.

The New Zealand government recognises the need for overseas healthcare workers and has introduced a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa process to allow international medical, nursing and other medical personnel to work in this country. Migration Associates and NZ Skills in Demand have partnered to provide this service to overseas healthcare professionals wanting to work in New Zealand.


Teaching is a rewarding career opportunity that offers the chance to influence a generation. Teachers are passionate about helping their students learn and succeed in life.

Teacher’s job is to assemble and guide engaging learning experiences that engage students in big ideas, powerful skills and habits of mind that help them solve real-world problems and show they can learn and meet agreed-on educational standards.

New Zealand needs well-qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working with young people.

A rewarding career that provides ample vacations and leaves of absence, teaching is also an excellent way to have a meaningful impact on society. Many teachers enter this career to make a difference in their communities, and they set that goal at the top of their priorities.


New Zealand’s free market economy has made us one of the most successful and resilient nations in the world. It’s a great place to develop your skills in a global context, with our high speed internet and close proximity to Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

If you have the right business and finance skills, you may be able to find work in New Zealand. These roles often feature on the Government’s Green List, which outlines the areas of job shortages in the country.

Alternatively, you can set up your own business in New Zealand. For example, if you have skills in plumbing or electrical engineering, it could be a good idea to set up a maintenance service.

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