Painting Jobs in New Zealand – What You Need to Get a Job, How to Apply and the Salary Range

Whether you are new to the industry or a qualified painter, there are plenty of Painting Jobs in New Zealand. In this article we’ll explore what you need to get a job, how to apply for a position and the salary range for painters in new zealand.

You can start a career in painting and decorating by completing an apprenticeship or National Certificate in Building, Construction and Allied Trades (Level 4). If you’re already qualified in this industry, you can take a proactive approach to marketing yourself.

Education and Training Requirements

Painting is a skilled trade and requires both formal education and hands-on experience. You can learn about painting and decorating by completing an apprenticeship through the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO).

There are no specific secondary school qualifications needed to become a painter or decorator, although construction and mechanical technologies, maths and design and visual communication are useful. For Year 11 and 13 learners, trades academies and the STAR and Gateway programmes are good ways to gain relevant experience and skills.

You can also complete a National Certificate in Painting and Decorating Level 4 through Unitec or Weltec. It teaches you about spray techniques, wall coverings and industrial coatings.

A shortage in the number of people going into painting and decorating apprenticeships means there is a strong demand for qualified painters. The work is physical and demands strong hand-eye co-ordination.

Work Experience Requirements

The job of a painter is one that requires great attention to detail. You will need to be able to read blueprints and prepare surfaces for painting, including using sandpaper to remove old paint or wall paper.

There is a shortage of painting and decorating tradespeople in New Zealand and it’s a good idea to do an apprenticeship if you want to become one. The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) manages painting and decorating apprenticeships.

Getting qualified is the best way to increase your earning potential in this field. It’s also a good move if you’re interested in going into supervision or site management or starting your own business. You should also have a sound understanding of health and safety precautions.


Painters and decorators need a range of skills to do their job properly. This includes knowledge of painting and decorating techniques, as well as the ability to read blueprints and instructions.

They also need to know how to prepare surfaces for painting, including removing old paint and applying special coatings. They may also apply decorative finishes such as glazing, graining and lettering.

An apprenticeship is a good way to learn the trade, and to earn a national certificate in painting and decorating (Level 4). It’s managed by the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO). Qualifications in construction and mechanical technologies are useful, as are maths and design and visual communication.

Employment Opportunities

The New Zealand employment market is competitive and many businesses are looking for candidates with a wide range of skills. Getting a job in the country can be challenging and take time, but with a bit of effort you can find a role that suits you.

The main thing to remember when applying for a job is that you will need to follow the employer’s process and ensure that your application meets the requirements. This can include providing a cover letter and CV.

Employers look for certain skills and characteristics when hiring, such as a positive attitude, strong teamwork, and communication skills. Make sure to highlight these on your resume and during interviews, so that you stand out from the crowd.

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