How to Easily Immigrate to Australia – Complete Steps

With its awe-inspiring natural beauty, excellent healthcare system, and easygoing people, Australia is one of the most desired countries to live in.

The Australian government offers a variety of migration pathways, including the general skilled migration program. This pathway is a great choice for qualified people who want to move to Australia.

1. Find a Job

Australia is a popular place to immigrate for many reasons. It has beautiful beaches, excellent healthcare and education systems, and a friendly and easygoing culture.

However, to become an Australian citizen or permanent resident requires a visa. The main type of visa for immigrants is a skilled migration visa.

This visa is granted to those who have a job offer from an Australian employer. Usually, these jobs are on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List.

This list is designed to fill skills gaps in Australia. It includes health care professionals, engineers, chefs, IT specialists, and more.

2. Apply for a Visa

Getting an Australian visa is a crucial part of the process. You can apply for a student visa, business investment visa, family or skilled migration visas.

Applicants can score points for their qualifications, age, experience and English language skills. These points are then used to determine their eligibility for a specific visa.

Using the Y-Axis Australia immigration points calculator is a great way to determine your qualification and find out if you have sufficient points to apply for a visa. We can also help you prepare and submit your application with confidence.

3. Find a Place to Live

If you are moving to Australia from the UK, USA or elsewhere, finding a place to live can be stressful. It’s often a deadline-based situation, such as a two-week window or a savings-running-out-quickly.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help reduce your stress level and get started on the process before you arrive in Sydney.

First of all, narrow down where you want to live. Try limiting your search to two or three suburbs. That will cut down on the time it takes to visit rental inspections.

4. Open a Bank Account

If you’re moving to Australia with a working visa, the process of opening a bank account is relatively simple. There are a few different types of bank accounts you can open online from overseas, including transaction and savings accounts.

You’ll need to provide some basic information about your job, visa, and place of residence when you apply for an Australian bank account. The bank will usually set limits on your basic account until you verify your residency and identity in Australia.

Some banks have special migrant accounts that you can open online up to a year before you arrive in Australia. These come with no fees, plus perks like a mastercard debit card.

5. Get International Health Insurance

If you have a good reason to immigrate, such as work, you can get a visa to live and work in Australia. In addition to a visa, you will need to meet certain residency requirements and pass a test.

You can also apply for citizenship if you are a permanent resident of Australia. You will need to meet residency requirements, take a test, verify your identity, and sit for an interview.

The Australian government’s public health system, Medicare, provides essential hospital treatment, doctors appointments, and medicine for free or at a reduced cost. It is funded by a form of income tax.

Although Medicare is excellent, people in Australia sometimes rely on private healthcare to supplement the government’s coverage. Private healthcare providers usually have a wider range of physicians, shorter wait times, and a more comfortable setting.

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