Government of New Zealand Scholarships For International Students 2023-2024

New Zealand is one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students. It offers world-class education and a diverse range of scholarships to support your study.

Scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs. They also include an establishment allowance to help with set-up costs.

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students are a great way to pursue your higher education goals. These scholarships are awarded by the government of New Zealand and can be used to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses in New Zealand.

There are 650 scholarships available to students from 130 countries, covering bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and medical degrees. Scholarships are also available to help with travel costs, and for research costs.

A full scholarship will cover your tuition fees, registration fee, medical and travel costs, as well as stationery, laboratory equipment, and research. All you need to do is apply online and meet the eligibility criteria.

Scholars receive a living allowance of NZ$531 per week, and an establishment allowance of NZ$3000 to help with set-up costs. They also receive a medical insurance policy while they are in New Zealand.

Scholarships for Government Officials

The New Zealand government has 650 scholarships available to foreign students for undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs. These scholarships are completely funded and cover all study-related expenses.

The program aims to support international students from developing countries in their pursuit of advanced studies and professional training, as well as helping them develop leadership skills and practical experience. It also enables students to contribute to their home country’s social and economic development.

The Scholarship is fully-funded and covers tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses. It also provides a home leave or reunion travel allowance, pastoral and academic support, and assistance with research or thesis costs.

Scholarships for Commonwealth Countries

New Zealand is a wonderful place to study and if you apply for a scholarship, it will ensure that you get the best possible education. This will develop your mind and also change your lifestyle in a positive way.

New Zealand Scholarships offer financial support to international students for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs at universities in New Zealand. These scholarships can be fully-funded or partially funded depending on the program, and are offered by the New Zealand Government, educational institutions and foreign governments.

The Scholarships include full tuition fee costs, a living allowance of NZ$491 per week, an establishment allowance of NZ$3000, medical insurance when you are in New Zealand, travel to and from your own home country and New Zealand at the start and end of your scholarship, travel insurance, research and thesis allowance for postgraduate students.

The Scholarships also allow you to live with your dependent children and partner during your studies in New Zealand. Furthermore, postgraduate students are able to extend their stay in New Zealand by up to 2 to 3 years after graduation.

Scholarships for Otago University

Government of new zealand Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 are available for both domestic and international students who want to study at the University of Otago. They are offered based on academic merit, financial need, or other distinguishing characteristics.

The university’s campus is a mixture of historic and modern buildings in the city center. It is a vibrant community of students living in student Colleges of Residence and self-catering flats that are close to the school’s main academic hub.

The University offers Doctoral Scholarships for international students for both master’s and doctorate degrees. These scholarships are fully-funded and offer NZ$28600 dollars in stipends per year plus a waiver of tuition fees for 36 months.

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