How to Apply For a Scholarship in Asia


To apply for a scholarship in Asia, you can follow the scholarship listings in your country. Some of the leading scholarship agencies in Asia are IRENA, UNESCO, and Freeman-ASIA. They provide information on the latest scholarships. You can also check out Full Opportunities, which shares scholarship opportunities daily. Besides, you can also check the websites of international agencies such as the World Bank and Freeman-ASIA. These agencies are known for their commitment to education and human rights in developing countries.


The Freeman-ASIA Award is designed to help students pay for their study abroad programs. This scholarship is awarded for travel to East or Southeast Asia. If you are an undergraduate student, you can apply to receive a Freeman-ASIA Scholarship. To be considered for a Freeman-ASIA Award, your home institution must approve your study abroad plan. The program’s requirements differ from those of other scholarship programs, so check with your university to see if you are eligible.


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) awards scholarships to promising students from across Asia. The scholarships are awarded at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi. The scholarship includes high-level lectures and short-term assignments, as well as internships and networking opportunities. For the most recent scholarship competition, check out the IRENA website here. Here are some tips for applicants interested in applying. Read on to learn more. If you’re an Asian national, apply today!


To apply for a UNESCO scholarship in Asia, you must first contact your National Commission for UNESCO in your country. You can find the contact details here. If you are not sure of your eligibility, you should apply for pre-admission at your National Commission for UNESCO. If you have received the letter of pre-admission, you should attach it to your application documents. The documents you submit must be in English and Chinese.

World Bank

To qualify for a World Bank scholarship in Asia, you must be a national of one of the member countries of the organization. You must not be a dual national or the close family member of someone who holds a World Bank position. You must also have at least three years of relevant work experience, which must be in a development-related field, as of the application deadline. To apply for a scholarship, you must be a national of one of the listed countries, or have a relevant degree or three years of work experience in a development-related field.


To be considered for the JFUNU scholarship in Asia, you must be a citizen of a developing country, and you cannot already be a working student in Japan. You must be studying a sustainability-related course, have a GPA of 2.8 or more, and have excellent English language skills. The deadline for the program is 21 February 2022. The application process is completely online. You must log on to the official website to fill out the application form.

Chulalongkorn University

The Chulalongkorn University scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship program, which accepts only the best students from ASEAN and Non-ASEAN countries. To be considered, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field, have excellent English language skills, and be in good health. The deadline for applications is June 10 of the following year. Interested students can download an application form and learn more about the eligibility requirements.

KUT Ph.D. Engineering Scholarship

The KUT Ph.D. Engineering Scholarship in Asia is an excellent opportunity for students of engineering to further their education in the Philippines. The scholarship is offered for a period of one year or three years. Successful students are required to devote 50 hours of their time a month to a research project of their choice and submit monthly reports to the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering. Applicants should have a master’s degree or be under thirty-five years of age at the time of application. A strong bachelor’s degree from a reputable university is also required.

Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship

The Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship is a full-fledged, four-year scholarship for outstanding international students in the doctoral program at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The scholarship aims to foster the development of promising students by providing financial support for pursuing doctoral study at the leading research university in Asia. Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholars are awarded a special name and will have priority for subsidized campus accommodation.

CUCAS – China’s University and College Admission System

The official online portal for international students, CUCAS is a one-stop shop for finding universities, colleges and schools in China. It features the latest programme information from over three hundred and forty universities in 70+ cities in China, along with Scholarships. It claims to charge a one-time service fee of $50 to use its system, although private agents may charge higher fees. Listed below are the key features of CUCAS.

CUCAS – Taiwan’s University and College Admission System

CUCAS is the online application system for Chinese universities, which enables international applicants to apply for university admission in China. To use the system, users must first create an account and upload the required admission documents and application materials. After making payment for the application, users can submit it and track its status. To participate in the program, applicants must possess a valid foreign passport. If the application is rejected, the student forfeits the opportunity to receive the scholarship.

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