How to Apply For a Scholarship to Study Abroad


If you are interested in studying in Europe, you can apply for a scholarship to study abroad. You can also apply for a scholarship to study abroad through one of the many funding programs of the EU. These include Erasmus Mundus, the Orange Tulip Scholarship, DAAD, and IMDEA. These funding programmes are intended to encourage international exchanges, and can provide funding for research, study, and other expenses. You can even apply to study in a country that offers an interpretation course.

Erasmus Mundus

An Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Europe is a fully-funded masters or PhD program that offers students from all over the world the chance to study at several partner universities in Europe. The program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students, and all costs related to the course and mobility are covered. To qualify, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in your country of origin. There are different requirements for applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, however.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

How to Apply For the Orange Tulip Scholarship in Europe? There are specific criteria that need to be met to apply for this scholarship. The process varies for each institute, but in general, you need to meet certain requirements to be eligible. In some cases, you’ll have to complete an interview with the university. Check with your school for the application deadline. You may also need to submit additional documents in order to get accepted for the scholarship.


You can apply for a DAAD scholarship in Europe if you are a student who is pursuing a Masters or Bachelor degree in a development-related field and live in a developing country. The DAAD scholarship requires that you have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree with two years of professional experience. You must also demonstrate that your education and experience are development-related, that you have social responsibility, and that you will contribute to a change in your personal environment.


The University of Le Mans, France, is currently accepting applications for an “IMDEA” scholarship in Electro Acoustics. This scholarship, sponsored by the French foundation EMV, is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in acoustics, mechanics, or electronics. Students are encouraged to apply by submitting an application, which must score 50% or higher, along with supporting documents. The deadline for submission is October 16, 2018.

Sciences Po

The Emile Boutmy scholarship at Sciences Po University, France, is an international program that offers students the chance to study in a prestigious French university. The program is located in a region of rich cultural heritage and universal value. Applicants can enjoy the most convenient transportation system, safe and comfortable accommodations, discounted admission to museums and cultural events, and sports activities. The Sciences Po university is also renowned for its high quality education.

Westminster University

There are several scholarships available at Westminster University in Europe, including the International Undergraduate Full Scholarship and the Chevening International Undergraduate Scholarship. Students from a 2.1 UK degree or equivalent can apply for this scholarship if they are from a minority ethnic group. Students whose parents earn less than the average household income can also apply for the Chevening scholarship. In addition to the Chevening scholarships, Sony Interactive Entertainment offers support to home-fee students of Black and mixed-race ethnicity.

Chancellor’s International Scholarships

The Chancellor’s International Scholarship is a one-time award that supports postgraduate study at a UK university. You must have accepted an offer of a place at Sussex University to be eligible. You must have relevant work experience, skills, extracurricular activities, and excellent grades from your latest qualification. To apply, complete an online application form, providing personal details and academic achievements. You will need to provide proof of eligibility and the application form will be sent to you as soon as it has been reviewed.

CEA Study Abroad

A CEA Study Abroad scholarship in Europe allows students to explore new and exciting countries while earning college credits. Students can study in any of the 22 cities in 13 countries with CEA. Thousands of students take advantage of this scholarship each year, and there are many reasons to apply. The organization offers academics, internships, and a global experience that enhances their employability. This is a great way to start your future by studying abroad, developing your interests, and meeting new people.

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