How to Apply For a Scholarship in South Africa


There are many reasons to study in South Africa, including the cost of living and the diverse landscape. International students love to study in South Africa for its affordable tuition rates and many scholarships are available for African and developing country students. Learn about these scholarships and how to apply. Below are some examples of scholarships available for international students and Africans. Learn about the application process and benefits of applying for a South African scholarship. Then, start your search today!

To be eligible for a scholarship in South Africa, applicants must be citizens of an African country or have refugee status in any African country. The scholarship is awarded to students who are accepted into South African universities by 2022. The applicant must be a first-year undergraduate and demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. This scholarship is worth R120,000 annually, and will pay for tuition, study materials, and travel expenses. In addition to tuition fees, this scholarship will also cover your personal expenses.

Scholarships are often accompanied by a work-study permit and extended benefits. Some scholarships offer a research grant to students in science or engineering fields. Humanities programs are often well-supported in South Africa. Most scholarships are available online, and completing an application will usually take only a few minutes. You should receive a confirmation email within one business day. Incorporate your personal information into your writing, and make sure you achieve a specific purpose. Include examples of your accomplishments, if applicable.

There are many ways to apply for a South African scholarship. The government of the country may sponsor a scholarship program. Scholarships may be based on merit, financial need, or academic potential. The University of Cape Town offers merit-based scholarships, while the MasterCard Foundation offers need-based scholarships. The University of Pretoria offers LLM/MPhil scholarships and the Bertha Foundation supports social innovators in Africa. You can apply for a South African scholarship through your university’s financial aid office.

University College Dublin offers several scholarships to students from South Africa. There are full scholarships for undergraduate and Masters students, and additional funding for dependents. The university also offers a study abroad program in South Africa, so students can apply as soon as they receive a conditional offer. The deadline for submitting an application is typically a couple of months before the start of the program. The deadline to apply is two months after you receive a conditional offer.

Among the scholarships offered by the University of Cape Town is the MasterCard Foundation scholarship. This program is open to international and domestic students, and covers tuition, books, and room and board. Students who earn a good GPA and demonstrate financial need are eligible for the scholarship. In addition to these scholarships, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation awards undergraduate and graduate scholarship in specific fields of study. This program is open to students who have completed grade twelve.

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